Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Spring Chicken Hat...Times Seven

I was emailed a few days ago with a request for these "chicken" hats. My friend Marsha and her family are huge chariot racing fans and plan on traveling to Jackson Hole for an annual racing event. Her daughter's racing team, (I forget the name) has the word "chicken" in the title, so the chicken has sort of become the mascot for the team. Last year, they all dressed like chickens and this year plan on doing the same...but they wanted to have matching hats for the occasion. I know these aren't very "chickeny" but they're yellowy-pinkish colored and are fuzzy like the feathers of a brand new baby chick. I just finished the last one today...but had I had enough time I might have crocheted on some orange bills with very chicken-like googly eyes. But these will have to do. This is an original design by myself. I used Red Heart Baby Clouds yarn in the color "Creamsickle." The bottom part of the hat is done in a 2x2 rib and the rest is stockinette. One skein of the yarn was enough to make two hats, and I was able to get four of them done in one day! I'm hoping Marsha and her family have an awesome time with their chariot racing and I hope they enjoy their chicken hats!

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