Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Weekly Favorite--Betty's Original Knits!

I decided that once in awhile I should showcase one of my favorite etsy shops or a favorite item from one of those shops. Not sure if this will be a weekly thing or not, but from time to time I'll see something fantastic and have to write about it...and hopefully get some sales for that shop. This week's shop is Betty's Original Knits. You can access her shop here.

My favorite item in her shop is this hat. It's my favorite color and everything. Isn't it fabulous?

Please everyone, check out her shop...I know there's not much in there at the moment, but she's informed me that her fingers are working very quickly to get some more hand knitted items in there. Show her some love!

1 comment:

BMJones said...

Thank you so much for giving my little shop some recognition. I really appreciate it!