Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Weekly Favorite: Cheeky and Choccy!

Let's all give this etsy seller a big round of applause! I was looking around her shop today and found lots of cute items but particularly this purse. I thought it was adorable, so I just had to ask a few questions and learn some more about her.

Cheeky has been knitting on and off for twenty years and also does numerous other crafts as well. She's had an etsy store for 2 1/2 years.

She finds inspiration for color combinations in nature and home decor magazines. "I jounal my ideas for new designs and have a binder with hundreds of cut-outs from magazines and online sites for inspiration. I also love to just flick through crafting books. I love to look at pretty things."

Please go check out her shop at


Eunice Beshears said...

Thanks, you're cool!

Cheeky and Choccy

Audrey said...

That is really cute!! I will check out her shop - I'm a sucker for bags!!

myminimocs said...

love this shop - great post!!!