Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tell it all Tuesday!

This week has been okay. My mom was supposed to have surgery on Friday, but she had to postpone it...not sure now when it will be. Instead she went shopping at Walmart with my siser, Karla and I. I'm pretty much all done with my Christmas shopping now. Yay! I think this is the earliest I've been finished shopping before.

Saturday, our internet went out so I had to wait until Monday to get it going again. I hate not having internet! I even put my shop on vacation mode because I hated the idea of someone buying something and me not being able to get it shipped in time. Also, I didn't know when we'd get it hooked back up. There was a chance we'd have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving. But now my store is up and running again, just waiting for swarms of holiday shoppers.

I'm getting everything ready for Thanksgiving. The family is coming to my house again this year, which means a whole lot of work! Today I'm focusing on getting my carpet shampooed. But I also need to make sure both bathrooms are cleaned, and the bedrooms are presentable...it's coming together slowly, and looking nice around here! I borrowed a big table from our church as well as some chairs. I also have a Thanksgiving tablecloth and really nice centerpiece. It's looking quite festive around here!

This week, I managed to view these movies:

--Star Wars: The Clone Wars
--Here Come The Littles
--28 Days

I'm also nearly finished reading:
--Left Behind--Assassins

That's it for this week, God bless!!

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