Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tell It All Tuesday!

It's here again! That magical time when I tell you what's been going on with me this week! Ah, who am I fooling? No one actually reads this thing, do they? Anyway, my week started off fantastically with two sales from my mother in law! If I've counted correctly this is her eleventh purchase from me.

The weather is getting colder here in Idaho...the last couple days have been really windy so I haven't even been able to walk to go check the mail...which is pretty much the only exercise I get anymore. However, it has been nice to be able to drive my car. It's had a lot of problems lately I think we've got it all fixed up.

I FINALLY got the Princess Leia buns done for Chloe's Halloween costume, but I haven't taken any pictures of them yet. I'll probably do a special Halloween post and get a picture on here then. I've tried them on her and they look really cute. I think they'll work quite nicely.

Now, I'm working on some stuff for Christmas, and I think I have a pretty good start. I have something for pretty much everyone except the kids. I have 8 kids on my list not counting my daughter. I'll either make some of the items, or just go crazy at the dollar store.

I've been able to get a few items listed in my store, one of them--a fancy fur scarflette--sold a few hours after listing it! I also made another sale a couple days later--a knitted jump rope.-- So things have been great this week with 4 sales, a finished Halloween costume and Christmas gifts flowing nicely from the needles and hooks.

And now for the list of movies I watched this week:
--The Host
--The Incredible Hulk
--Hannah Montana--The Movie
--Dan in Real Life
--The End of the Spear

Well, that's it for this week, God bless!!

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