Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Slow Summer...Preparing for Fall

I've been making lots of new soap lately, and spending time crocheting as well. I'm almost finished with a crocheted chicken pillow, and plan on making some pumpkin scented soap for Fall. Sales have been dreadfully slow, but I'm taking this time to prepare for the holiday rush. I've also began putting some soap into my craft is art shop. It's not a very well-known site yet, but hopefully that will change eventually.

So, here's my craft is art shop: www.craftisart.com/jenniferwhitedesigns

Take a peek at what I have to offer so far. I'm pretty much going to just focus on bar soaps as well as samples...as I'm limited to only 50 items with the free account. If I ever start selling I might consider upgrading.

Anyway, better get going. My hubby is cooking me some mac and cheese for dinner and I have some soap making and crocheting to do later.

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