Friday, January 30, 2009

No New Items Today

I've been working on two projects, and spent most of today working on one of them--a cowl-style neck warmer that was turning out really well...until it came off the needle and I realized it was too big. So, I folded part of it over and tried sewing a couple buttons in place to shrink it down and add a little decoration. It looked gorgeous laid out flat, but hideous when worn. Grrrr. The other item I made was a fuzzy scarflette...which turned out okay, but just doesn't do it for me, so it's being put aside for now. The neck warmer...well, it's probably going to find its way into the trash.

Now I'm feeling a little blank as to what I'm going to make next...I'll probably take the rest of today off and maybe the weekend as well.

So, now it's your turn--What's your biggest mess-up story and what did you do about it?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mock Cable Fingerless Mitts

These are what's new in my etsy store. I just finished these today and am really pleased with them. I loved the fit of these and didn't want to take them off after the pictures were taken.

These are a steal at 12 dollars!

Check them out here:

Mock Cable Fingerless Mitts

Mitts were made with soft acrylic yarn, knit in a rib pattern with occasional two-stitch crossovers that resemble small cables.

Most importantly, they were super fun to make!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cabled Scarflette

This scarflette is the newest addition to my etsy store. I think it turned out pretty nicely. This is basically a triangle that buttons around the neck. I've been seeing more and more of these lately and thought I would try to make one myself. I thought seriously about keeping this one, but decided not to be so selfish.

This would make a perfect Valentine's Day's even in the right color!

Please check out my etsy store for more pictures of this and my other items as well!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Local Buyers

I have received a few questions lately from folks who live near me who may be interested in purchasing items from my etsy store. (These only apply to close friends and family)

Most commonly asked questions:

1. Will I have to pay for shipping? Can't I just pick it up?
A. No. You do not have to pay shipping. On the payment option, click "Money Order" and pay me the money directly when we meet up. That way you can just pay the amount of the item and you can pay with cash if you choose.

2. Can I just buy the item directly from you? I don't want to sign up for an etsy account.
A. Unfortunately, no. Etsy considers this "fee avoidance" if I unlist an item to sell it directly to a customer. Plus, every item I sell on my store shows up as a positive for me, so I'm more likely to get sells from others. Especially if the buyer leaves positive feedback. (hint, hint)

3. Will you make custom orders? If so, will you have to list these in the store first or can you sell them directly?
A. If your a close friend or relative, I will make custom orders without listing them in my store. That way we can deal directly with one another. If you're an online friend or someone who doesn't live near me, I will list the item in my store and mark it as "reserved."

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Wrist Warmers!

These nifty little wrist warmers took quite awhile to finish, but at last they're here! I've listed them for sale in my etsy store, so make sure to check them out!!