Monday, January 26, 2009

Local Buyers

I have received a few questions lately from folks who live near me who may be interested in purchasing items from my etsy store. (These only apply to close friends and family)

Most commonly asked questions:

1. Will I have to pay for shipping? Can't I just pick it up?
A. No. You do not have to pay shipping. On the payment option, click "Money Order" and pay me the money directly when we meet up. That way you can just pay the amount of the item and you can pay with cash if you choose.

2. Can I just buy the item directly from you? I don't want to sign up for an etsy account.
A. Unfortunately, no. Etsy considers this "fee avoidance" if I unlist an item to sell it directly to a customer. Plus, every item I sell on my store shows up as a positive for me, so I'm more likely to get sells from others. Especially if the buyer leaves positive feedback. (hint, hint)

3. Will you make custom orders? If so, will you have to list these in the store first or can you sell them directly?
A. If your a close friend or relative, I will make custom orders without listing them in my store. That way we can deal directly with one another. If you're an online friend or someone who doesn't live near me, I will list the item in my store and mark it as "reserved."

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