Saturday, May 23, 2009

Need to get caught up...

I figured I should update this thing, as it's been awhile. I'm currently not working on anything new for the etsy shop, as I've taken some time off to make a curtain for the window on my front door. I've had to rip parts of it out and start again, so it's taken longer than I originally thought. But soon I'll be back to work. It would be a lot easier if items were actually selling, then I could afford to buy more yarn. My husband is out of work again, as his census job was only temporary and it seems that no one is hiring. But I'm sure things will be okay--God won't let us starve!

Anyway, thought I'd just pop in for a quick update. I've been spending the day outside with my family. We even had a little picnic lunch on the front lawn. I better get going...daylight's a-wastin'!

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