Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Giveaway!!

I've always wanted to learn how to do color work in the other night I picked up an instructional book and figured out how to make a was fun, so I then made another one, except I reversed the colors. My husband said, "What are you making? A pot holder?" Well, no I hadn't been. But it certainly gave me an idea for what I could do with the two squares. I sewed them together, added a loop on one corner and there you have it--a pot holder.

Sure, it's not perfect. You'll notice one of the hearts isn't exactly centered because I goofed on my number of chain stitches. But I was proud of it--and you can be too.

Because this is our April Giveaway!!

To enter, you can purchase an item from my store and then comment on this blog post. Or, you can make a comment about my store...your favorite store item, suggestions, critiques--that sort of thing.

Want a new way to enter? Follow my blog, and then comment letting me know you're following and you'll be entered.

An even newer way to enter?? Heart my etsy shop, then comment here letting me know you hearted and you'll be entered.

Sound easy?? It should.

On April 30 I will randomly select the winner. Who knows, it could be you!!


KayzKreationz said...

Congratulations on learning how to do color work. It is adorable.
I really like your your little Red Handbag. It is so cute.

Kate said...

I love that you do _so_ many different things Jennifer -- you're talented _and_ creative.

As a suggestion (you asked!) you might want to include some of your work into your banner as well as your avatar. It's a good way to get people looking at what you do. It'd also be useful, I think, to feature three of your products at the top of your shop -- I get a lot more views on whatever I have featured at the moment. (Convo me if you don't know how -- omshanti on etsy).

I tried to heart you but it doesn't seem to be working! I'll try again later.

Kate said...

Following your blog though! And I think I'll Twitter your contest, too, it seems pretty quiet here so far.

Kate said...

D'oh! Don't count this as an entry, I was looking at a category page so of course the featured items weren't there. :P

Kate said...

And _now_ I have managed to heart your shop. Might Twitter the contest again too!

Jennifer White Designs said...

Thanks Kate! I'√e thought about putting some of the items in my banner...but I'm not smart enough. My hubby is a graphic designer, so I'm thinking I'll have him do it for me. Thanks for your suggestions!