Friday, July 29, 2011

Some projects I'm most proud of.

These sugar scrubs are in my soap shop here.
This is my first batch of hot process soap and it turned out great! You can find it here.
This adorable drum is an example of upcycling at its finest! Using an old nut can, this drum is great for kids of all ages! You can find it here.
And finally this cute elephant pillow is absolutely adorable! You can find him here.'s been a long time

So, lots has been happening. I dumped all venues except etsy, as I didn't have any success with artfire, zibbet or craftisart. Not that they're bad...I just didn't have a lot of business through there. So now, I'm etsy only and have 2 shops there. I still have my knit/crochet shop, and have also added a soap shop as well. Check it out at I have a lot of fun making new soaps and b&b products. I'm hoping to keep this blog updated from now on, as I see that there are people out there who actually read it.

Anyway, there's only a couple days left, but I do have a Christmas in July sale going on at Just use coupon code "xmasjuly" to get 30 percent off!